Rima hanga – five things

At the end of 2011 Allanh K asked her Year Four students to record five things that they wanted their new teacher in Year Five to know about them.
This year, Allanah found out another teacher was using the activity with her students too.
Allanah has begun the “5 things I want my teacher to know about me” meme for learners from her blog, and here are mine…

I want my teachers to know that….

  • I learn by seeing ideas in action, and by reading. I struggle to transform lectures into understanding unless you provide a transcript, visual cues or activities
  • I am passionate about learning and will not ask for help until I have explored every other option I can think of
  • I like to think and weigh up options/alternatives before committing to one answer
  • I will correct my spelling, word choice or tweak a layout until I am satisfied that it is as close to how I imagined it as possible
  • I will support others to do their best and think that failure is not trying at all/not believing in oneself.

What would be your five things?

"Five" CC Image courtesy of woodleywonderworks on Flickr


4 responses to “Rima hanga – five things

  1. Thanks for taking part in the challenge. It is interesting that you follow lots of other avenues before asking for help- I too will spend hours trying to work something out before asking someone for help. If I had asked earlier I could save myself a lot of time.

    • Hi Allanah – a great challenge it is.
      I have a real “thrill of the chase” when it comes to knowledge – having someone tell me the answer or solve my problem can be quite deflating. There must be a real art in guiding students towards the ideas and supporting the discovery without ruining that “Eureka” moment – I love those teachers. I hope I can be one, one day.

  2. 1. I love a knowledgeable teacher who shares the world knowledge as opportunities arrive and can forget that we kids are too young to understand ‘adult’ concepts
    2. I want you to push me to do my best and never accept anything you think is below my best, even if it is above the ‘standard’
    3. I like creating things that I can be proud of and can take home at the end of the day
    4. I like variety
    5. I often feel like I want to answer a question but feel nervous to call out if there is not some kind of system, such as hands-up
    Awesome activity and very timely,

    • Hi Anna,
      Isn’t it great! I think it is super that there are so many educators who still think of themselves as learners – and put themselves in the student role.
      Thanks for adding your five.

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