Whakatika – preparation

It’s hard to believe that after four years of study that I will still be in training for another two! Every teaching graduate in New Zealand must undergo a provisional period, where they receive advice and guidance from an experienced mentor teacher, before they can become a fully registered teacher.

After drafting my philosophy (phew, that took a while too) I began planning out my pathway for getting from provisionally-registered to fully-registered. This means I have to think about what happens after graduation (still seems so far away) and what happens next… And then I remembered my advice to online learners – to use every (non-assessment) opportunity to experiment.

So, here is my Photoshop experiment for mapping out my pathway to teaching success!

Template by brad frost web
Text by me!

Feedback and/or comments on the content or the tool (Photoshop) most welcome!


One response to “Whakatika – preparation

  1. Hi Akoa,
    Two years is certainly a while after four studying. It’s one in Victoria. However, you can officially apply for Victorian graduate roles for up to four years after graduating. The benefit of the formal mentor teacher is an upside to the extra year in NZ, but really one should always (I think) have a ‘mentor’, formal or not, throughout your whole teaching career.
    I absolutely love the monopoly gameboard creator tool. It’s such a creative way to present ideas and information. Only drawback is that it’s hard to read from the screen, but printed out it would be absolutely awesome and I’m going to think about how it could be used in the classroom as well. Certainly much more memorably than a bullet or numbered list.
    Thanks for the great tool and best of luck on your upcoming placement!

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