Whakamanawa – encouragement

Amazing words of encouragement and support from the people who saw the day to day effects of my teaching on their child… It was a privilege to work for them and with their children. The community as a whole were dedicated to supporting the children’s success at school, so having such positive feedback is really affirming. This post is meant as a heart-warming digest for me that I can look back on in the future.

“I have found Carolyn to be conscientious, well organised and professional. Carolyn has a caring nature and is personable and approachable. She has a calm and measured demeanour, but has a presence in the class which the pupils respect. Carolyn is not afraid to join the children in activities and has displayed an ability to laugh along with the children while taking part in games.
Carolyn has encouraged [our daughter] throughout the year not only in her education but in her personal development. [Our daughter] has matured and grown as a person over the last 12 months which in part, is due to Carolyn’s positive influence as a role model.
Carolyn is intelligent and thoughtful and has been a wonderful teacher.”

“During [2013] I have seen an amazing change in our son. He started the year on a remedial reading programme and was having difficulty generally with his learning in all subjects. [He] has just blossomed. He is now above the required level for his age for reading, he is confident with his reading and thanks to Carolyn has developed a confidence I never thought he would get in the classroom.
He is now very confident in his ability to nut out problems and discuss it with his classmates in all subjects in the classroom. He is probably a natural leader and Carolyn picked up on this very early in the year and has nurtured this quality in [him]. I am just so impressed with how she has looked at him as an individual and thought about what qualities he has and how to make them shine and in turn given him so much confidence and happiness in the classroom.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Carolyn for all she has done for [our son].”

“We would like to thank you for being such an awesome teacher. [Our daughter] has had a very happy and settled year in your class and has come home excited and enthusiastic about learning. She has loved your great sense of humour and jokes! It has been reassuring to me when I drop her off in the morning that you are so welcoming, calm and cheerful – nothing ever seems to ‘faze’ you. I have felt really comfortable that I could ask you anything (even the trivial stuff) about how [my child] is going at school – and I’ve appreciated how you have always been available before and after school to talk. You really seem to ‘get’ [my child] in a way other teachers haven’t.
So, let me take this opportunity, on behalf of [our whole family] to thank you so very much for teaching and inspiring [our daughter] this year to be the best she can be. You have made such a hugely positive impression on not just us, but the wider school community as a truly ‘inspiring’ teacher – and in only your first year of teaching. We believe you have a very good teaching career ahead of you and we do very much hope you will return […] at some point in the not too distant future.”

“Thank you for your amazing effort this year. [My son] is a sensitive child who can retreat easily into his shell, however this year you have encouraged and supported him in every way. He has blossomed. Under your care, his reading has gone from mediocre to WOW and so has his maths. If you had not pointed out to me his difficulties I would not have picked up his issues. So thank you for your attention to detail. Your calm but determined approach is to be commended, it has bought out the best in my child while not causing stress in these important years of learning how to learn.”

“I am very very disappointed that you have not been kept on at […]. I feel they are losing a valuable asset. A dedicated, hard working, intuitive and motivational teacher. I wish you all the best for the future and am envious of the school who hires you next.”


Each parent generously gave their permission for these letters to be shared.


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