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Tīmatanga – Inception

This term an exciting new adventure in teaching began – I am teaching in a ‘power of three’ collaborative team which is spread over four learning spaces! I am the newest team member and have had the pleasure of setting up the third and fourth ‘rooms’ in temporary accommodation (portable units) on the school site (the school is currently undergoing a large demotion and construction project).

There are limitations to space and available furniture but what I have noticed is that anything is possible if you are enthusiastic about what is unique. I had a definite “a-ha!” moment when I was contemplating the metal walls of the temporary buildings… they are magnetic! It was as though a world of possibility opened up and I immediately dug out the dusty box of magnetic letters to spell out some words of welcome on the wall.

Bringing a new learning space together in a limited time frame has also shown the value of “just in time” support. This is a rapidly growing school with a busy staff – finding the right person at the right time could be an impossible task. However, I have been on the receiving end of a generous amount of support as colleagues have stepped up to answer questions, source equipment, move furniture, share data, and I have even had coffee brought to me twice this week!

Everything that went well in the first week, in a nutshell:

  • Positive relationship building with colleagues, students and parents
  • Setting up new learning spaces which are safe and engaging to be in
  • Being put forward as my team’s rep for school-wide kapa haka
  • Setting professional goals with mentor teacher
  • Offering professional support for upcoming Enviroschool projects
  • Collaborating over student data in preparation for next week


Professional readings this week: